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Richmond Strikers


What Is Futsal?


Futsal is an exciting, fast-paced soccer game played indoors. Futsal has been recognized by FIFA and UEFA as the official form of indoor soccer since the 1980s. Futsal is a 5v5 game played on a hard surface, basketball sized court with a smaller, low bounce ball. The game is played without walls, using touchline boundaries to restrict the playing area.

Benefits of Futsal Include:

  • Frequent touches on the ball

  • Numerous goal-scoring opportunities per game/training

  • Opportunities to overload transition elements of the game

  • Reinforces quick decision making in high-pressure/low-space situations

  • Develops quick reactions and reflexes


The Strikers Futsal Academy program will link the principles of our soccer methodology to the futsal court, giving our players a consistent message throughout the entire calendar year.

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